Stump Grinding

Our up-to-date equipment allows the removal of tree stumps with the minimum of ground disturbance.

We require a minimum width of 26" to pass through any gates.

We tackle any size of stump, from just a few inches up to the largest stump imaginable.

We grind tree stumps and surface roots to well below ground level, which allows replanting or ground preparation for just about any purpose.

Stump grindings created by the grinding process can be recycled by using them on flower beds, composting or they can be removed from site.

Poisoning of stumps can also be carried out to stop regrowth if stump grinding is not required.

We are also often called to target old diseased stumps in order to stop the spread of disease to other trees. Stumps in your garden may not bother you all that much but if it has picked up honey fungus then you'll not want that to spread to the other plants. By grinding the stump away you will help to control or eradicate honey fungus from your garden.

For more information about our tree stump removal and stump grinding services, please contact us.


Q. How deep can it go?

A. Stump grinder will grind approximately 300mm below the surface, which is often enough to grind stump bole out entirely.

Q. Will it re-grow?

A. Only a few species will re-grow from roots, these can be chemically treated if required.

Q. What happens to the roots?

A. Stump grinding concentrates on the removal of the main stump and along any prominent surface roots if required. This will create more grindings and ground disturbance. Pros and cons can be discussed at a site survey. Remaining roots will rot away in time.

Q. What’s left?

A. The aim is to cause minimal ground disturbance and leave the site neat and tidy. Once the stump is ground the spoil is put back in the hole and heaped in the area where the stump was located. This will naturally settle and the remaining can be used as a mulch around the garden.

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